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Ten Videos on Child Artist Prodigies

Check out some inspiration from these amazing young artists (and maybe your child will join their ranks!)

1. Akiane Kramarik

Akiane Kramarik began painting at the age of four and never looked back. Check out this video of her at 9 years old with Oprah.

2. Aelita Andre

Now 13, She first began to paint professionally from nine months old when her amazing acrylic on canvas paintings were included in her solo exhibition in Australia at age two. Here, she opens a solo exhibit at age 9.

3. Autumn de Forest

Art prodigy Autumn de Forest has been a professional artist for most of her life. Since age 4, she has been creating masterpieces. Check out this video about her by CitizenKid.

4. Kieron Williamson

Kieron Williamson became famous at the age of 6 for his impressionist art work and has garnered massive attention since then for his beautiful works. This video likens him to Monet.

5. Evan Sharma

Now 16, Evan Sharma gained attention in the art world at the age of 12. His works have been compared to Picasso and Matisse.

6. Lola June

This 3 year old is taking the art world by storm. An artist friend of her mother’s discovered her talent and she took off from there.

7. Wang Yani

She first began painting at the age of 2 and had her first exhibit in china at 4. Her early artwork was largely made up of animals.

8. Josh Tiessen

Josh Tiessen is from Ontario, Canada, and started painting realism at a young age. His grasp of nature realism is stunning.

9. Cameron Sky Villa

He started painting when he was 1 1/2 years old and quickly became a known figure in the Sacramento art scene.

10. Kareem Waris

He is a young Nigerian artist who began painting at the age of six. He does incredible hyperrealism pieces of art and even did a portrait of French President Emmanuel Macron.


Who knows, your little one could be the next Picasso!

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