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Ten Great Recipes for Kids to Make and Eat

Every artist needs their fuel! I don’t normally share recipes but food is an art form itself and can be a fun and educational learning opportunity for kids!

I love love love pretzels (and so do my kids) and there are so many great recipes out there but I really like this fun bite-sized twist on it. These are a great midday snack and always satisfy that carb craving! Try out different sauces to see which one you and your kids like best!

Mmmhhhh. Looking for a good way to sneak some fresh fruit into your kids diets? I won’t claim this is super healthy, but it’s a great little treat for everyone. We used to make a big one of these for summer guests. The little ones work well for a snack or even a tea party!

For a healthier alternative to a bag of chips, try creating these homemade potato chips! I love making my own chips because they are so much fun to make! You might not want to let your kids actually fry the chips (always be careful around hot oil) but they are sure to love coming up with unique chip flavor combinations (I love adding a little bit of garlic salt and paprika to mine).

These Italian sodas have always been a favorite with my kids. It’s one of the most simple and fun drinks to make! Customize them with whatever flavor (or flavor combinations) you love best and watch as the syrup colors mix with the soda water and cream! Hint hint.. This is a great alternative to canned soda and keeps kids wanting more! 

Check out this delicious take on the classic Monte Cristo sandwich. Kids love the simple ingredients (cheese, deli meat, and jam) and they can help out with layering the ingredients. These are seriously so easy to make and definitely kid-approved.

Looking for dessert? In a cup? Get the kid-friendly dessert proportions right with these peanut butter cup cupcakes (I’m so in love with Reeses, so why not have a cupcake version?) Just don’t forget to hide one away for yourself before they are all gone!

This easy and fun dessert puts funnel cakes on a whole new level – think deliciously golden apple fries. Be careful around the hot oil and have fun making these yummy desserts!

We have made these a lot over the years for parties and snacks. Something magical happens to the marshmallows when you dip them in the warm chocolate. These are even better than S’mores, in my opinion!

These are easy to make with just two ingredients! I love how the sugar brings out the flavor of the grapes. Kids love eating these frozen little grape pops and they are a great addition to any tea party!

Pull-apart breads are always a win with people of all ages! This deliciously gooey bread gives pizza a run for its money. Try this as an appetizer or midday snack. 


What’s your go-to recipe for cooking with kids? Let me know if the comments below!

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