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Ten Great Books for Learning Art (Kids and Adults)

These are some books I have on my shelf and enjoy looking through and getting ideas from. They are also a great resource to get the creative juices flowing….

This page contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Everything on this page I have used and heartily recommend for teaching art.

Flow books are awesome! This book has tons of drawing prompts. I have used it to generate ideas. Great for an older child (maybe 12 and up ) or an adult.

I love the style and layout of this book. Her 60 interactive writing prompts and art how-tos help you to expand your imagination and stimulate your creativity. Fun illustrations and ideas! Written for kids but good for all ages.

This is a fun interactive book with lots of ideas and information about some famous artists.

This is a popular book and has fun projects.

This is a fun kids art book that combines some moral lessons with art.

This book has ideas for all different kinds of art projects and some really fun cartoon illustrations.

I love the drawing style of this artist. He has several drawing books. This book is like a walk outside with a sketchbook. For the older child or adult.

This has a whimsical and creative layout with projects good for all ages and fun for parents to do with their child.

This book is geared towards adults and helps you find a more childlike way to approach art.

This is a clever book with lots of open pages and drawing prompts to let your creativity soar! No real rules in this drawing guide just open ended fun!


What are your favorite art books? Let me know below!

I'm writing a book!

I am excited to announce my latest project!  My daughter and I are working on a big, beautiful, creatively designed book on artist related lessons (similar to the ones on this website but with more details, step by step instructions and photos). The book will be for anyone who wants concise, detailed, well laid out lessons that are ready to teach, in a format that is fun to look at as well.

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