Easter Bunny in the Style of Romero Britto Art Lesson

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Just in time for Easter try this fun Romero Britto bunny lesson at home! And enter to win a book by the artist by sending me your beautiful masterpieces! (Details below)

This is a fun easy lesson that you can adapt for all ages. To do a complete lesson on Romero Britto using supplies you probably aleady have at home use the resources listed below to learn some information about Romero Britto and his colorful, hopeful art. (because we could all use a little color and happy right now!)

Romero Britto is a Brazilian born artist who grew up in a modest family of 8 brothers and sisters. He was interested in art at a young age and because his family didn’t have money for art supplies he drew and painted on scraps of paper, newspaper and cardboard.

In 1983 Britto went to Europe to study the old masters. He then travelled to the US and got involved in the Pop Art movement. He settled in Miami and opened an art gallery. His first big commissioned artwork was done for Absolut Vodka, drawing artwork to go along with their logo. He became well known after that, and now has art on five continents in over 100 galleries. Also you can find his artwork on a wide range of products from phones to luggage and even cars.

His style is fun and colorful and easy to recognize. You can tell his art is created by someone who is a happy person and has a zest for life! 

Resources for teaching about Romero Britto

When I teach an art lesson, I like to first tell my students about the artist we are studying before we start the actual art part. I try to find great videos, images, and slideshows that have already been created and are easy to access to help educate my students. Here are a few resources for teaching your kids a little bit more about the artist we are studying in this lesson, Romero Britto.

  • Here are a few YouTube videos about Romero Britto. What are a few things that stand out most to you about his life and style?
  • Here is his website where he has more information about himself, photos, and news about what he is up to now. Click around and see what you discover! Romero Britto Website (hint hint maybe a free painting lesson?)
  • Here is a look at Britto Central in Miami Beach, Florida (Look around and see some of his artwork!)

Britto Bunny How To:

Now that we have learned all about Romero Britto, lets move on to the art lesson!

  1. Using the pencil draw the bunny on the heavy paper starting with a wide W shape an inch from the bottom of the paper. 
  2. Add two ovals for eyes and then draw in both ears going to the top of the paper.
  3. Add the lines for the inside of the ear and two curved lines for the muzzle.
  4. Add the triangle for the nose, the whisker dots and the two curved lines for the bunny’s body. Draw in two front teeth below the muzzle.
  5. Add 4 diagonal lines inside the bunny. These line can be anywhere but make sure the go from one side to another.
  6. Now draw in the background starting with a horizontal line that goes from the bottom of each ear to the sides of the paper. An inch below that add curved wave lines, then a second curvy line below that to form a stripe.Draw another line from the bottom of the cheeks out to the sides of the paper.
  7. Add a half circle for a sun between the bunny’s ears. Add 8 diagonal lines to make the sun rays.
  8. Put the scrap paper underneath your paper and go over all the pencil lines with Sharpie. Go slow and press hard to get a nice thick line. Color in the eye centers with the Sharpie. Erase any extra pencil lines.
  9. Now the fun begins! With the Sharpie add 3 hearts about the bunny’s head, and fill in different sections in the bunny and in the background  with patterns using the pattern guide. Be creative! And make sure to leave some sections empty. Add the whiskers.
  10. With the markers fill in the sections (leave at least 6 sections white) with color. Add some colored patterns on top. Have fun experimenting with different color combinations!

Step 1

Draw a "w" for the bunny face

Step 2

Add eyes and ears

Step 3

Add lines for the muzzle and inside the ears

Step 4

Add the nose, front teeth, and body

Step 5

Add 4 diagonal lines inside the bunny

Step 6

Add the background lines

Step 7

Go over everything with Sharpies

Step 8

Add patterns with the pattern guide below

Step 9

Fill in your sections with markers! (Make sure to leave at least six spaces white)

Pattern Guide

Use these patterns (or create your own) to fill in parts of the bunny and the background! Make sure to leave some spaces blank.

The Contest

To spread a little bit of joy (and artful education) I’m doing a giveaway contest on this art lesson! Send me a photo of the completed project and a first name and age to www.thelaughingzebraart@gmail.com and I will pick a winner to receive an awesome book by Romero Britto! The deadline for this contest has passed. The winners are Cali, Kila, Aristo, and Shannon Bojorquez! Here are their amazing bunny projects!

This is the book I’m giving away: Happy! by Romero Britto.


I'm writing a book!

I am excited to announce my latest project!  My daughter and I are working on a big, beautiful, creatively designed book on artist related lessons (similar to the ones on this website but with more details, step by step instructions and photos). The book will be for anyone who wants concise, detailed, well laid out lessons that are ready to teach, in a format that is fun to look at as well.

Book Info

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