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My Bag of Tricks!

My Bag of Tricks!

What is in my art bag these days….

These are my go to supplies these days that I grab when I am going out and feel inspired to create. Since I teach art and am surrounded by lots of artist supplies both at home and school it is nice to have some supplies that are just for me and feel like play instead of work. And they are small and lightweight so I can actually justify carrying them around even if I don’t have a chance to use them (which happened a lot in Europe by the way!)

I especially love the koi watercolors and the uni-ball signo white pens. And I love the ease of the aqua brushes. I found the Artist’s Loft bag at Michaels and it holds most of these supplies. The rest go in a small backpack that I throw the Loft bag in. 

What are some of your favorite supplies for when you are out and about? Let me know in the comments below!

I put together this handy list where you can find some of these supplies online:

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