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Ten Lists of 10 Interesting Art Facts

Famous art heists, expensive paintings, and eight top ten lists of interesting art facts!

You might be surprised by this list (probably not the first one thought!)

This is one person’s list and has some great ones on here. I think fame means something different to everyone.

Women artists have been shortchanged in history. I like these lists that give us a peek into artists we may not have heard of but have been important in the history of art.

Again this is one person’s list and these are definitely some of the most famous ones!

You might be surprised about this list as well.

I didn’t know about some of these museums. Interesting to read why they are considered famous.

Ah! I got to see the David statue in Florence last Spring. It was amazing!

It is kind of hard to get your mind around how amazing these artists are.

Kids love learning about this kind of thing. Did you hear that last Sunday a VanGogh was stolen from a museum in the Netherlands?

This list shines some light on some American artists that have been important in the history of art in our country.


These lists are lots of fun! What’s your favorite bit of random art info?

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